Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It's getting so cold in Oxford. And it's going to get colder.

On hibernation, somehow the upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10 broke hibernation, which was working when I was using Ubuntu 11.04. Or perhaps it was from my fiddling with the fglrx driver for AMD graphics.

Got a message that there wasn't enough space, which was weird. Followed the instructions on making a new swap partition work for hibernate, and even tried to create a 10 GB swap partition, but was still being told that there wasn't enough memory! It only worked intermittently when I had freshly booted in.

Stumbled upon this forum thread which led me to the answer.
  • Checked /var/log/syslog which showed that the hibernation image needed more pages than available in the swap partition. 
  • The magic fix is "echo 0 > /sys/power/image_size", which was set at too high a value on my system. 
  • As this value is reset across reboots, I embedded this line at the start of /usr/sbin/pm-hibernate.

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  1. I always do fresh installs intead of upgrades; these are more reliable.